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Windrose Employment Services, LLP is a Louisville-based agency that provides customized recruitment and retention services to disabled job-seekers by matching job seekers' skills, interests, and abilities with the needs of local employers. We specialize in helping job seekers with a range of needs in finding meaningful, competitive employment. All of our clients are referred to us through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.

We are proud members of the Kentucky Coalition for Workforce Diversity and the Kentucky Association of People Supporting Employment (KY-APSE).

We primarily work with clients who are participating in one of two OVR (Voc Rehab) programs -- Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP) and Supported Employment (SE). The support a job seeker receives from our agency during the time we work together will look and feel fairly similar, regardless of the program. However, the program type will determine how long a job continues to receive support from us after they have successfully found stable employment.

  • CRP job seekers  receive support for 90 days. If their employment is stable, our services are no longer needed, and their case is closed.
  • SE job seekers continue to receive "long-term support" beyond 90 days of stable employment, for as long as they continue working (at the current job or  elsewhere, if a change is necessary). Windrose will help support employment transitions, as needed, throughout the individual's working life.

In BOTH cases, there are significant benefits to job seekers AND employers when Employment Specialists (or "Job Coaches," as we are often called) are helping clients find and keep work.

Employers benefit from greater workforce diversity, and their bottom lines are positively impacted by the support that the job seeker receives. Some specific benefits that employers typically receive include:Regardless of the severity of disability, any person who desires to work CAN work. The job seeker is limited only by his or her community’s level of knowledge or resources, not by the disability itself. Supported Employment allows people, often viewed “unable to work,” the opportunity to join the local workforce and contribute their skills and talents. Supported Employment provides the support needed to:
  • Job coaching - The supported employee typically receives additional on-the-job training from their Employment Specialist (Job Coach) until the new employee is comfortable in their new role.
  • Lower turnover - The process of Person Centered Job Selection (in SE cases) helps ensure the right fit between the supported employee and the job for which they have been hired. Employment Specialists take care in making sure the culture of the company is also a good fit for the job seeker. For these (and other) reasons, supported employees tend to have higher retention rates, which means less expense for the employer.
  • Tax credits - The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is available to employers who hire employees who receive support through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) and an agency like Windrose.
  • Greater diversity in the workplace - Having a wider range of backgrounds and abilities within a company means that the employer benefits from the multiple persectives offered by individuals.
  • Improved customer loyalty - About 1 in 10 Americans has a loved one with a disability, and they tend to be more loyal to businesses with a proven track record of inclusion.
  • No cost to the employer - All of these benefits are free to employers. Payment for ALL services occurs between the OVR and Windrose.
  • figure out what a good job looks like
  • secure employment
  • learn the job and become connected with co-workers
  • provide long term supports while in that job (SE clients)
  • ease transitions during advancements or finding a new position (SE clients)

Employment Specialists can also help the job seeker learn the "soft skills" that are needed to be a successful employee in today's workforce. We help job seekers develop a solid work ethic; develop positive relationships with supervisors, co-workers, and customers/clients; and figure out appropriate solutions for transportation and childcare.

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